Party Wumpus

Party Wumpus has features like Music, Economy, Utility, and more!
Check out the docs or get started below.

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Party Wumpus Features
Music, Fun, Economy, Utility, and more!
Economy [Docs]

Ever wanted to be rich? Well here's your chance! With the new Party Wumpus economy you can Work, Fish, and Beg for all the money you want! Maybe you won't be rich IRL, but you'll still be rich in Discord ;)

Fun [Docs]

Wanna just casually party and play a game? Well you found yourself the right bot! You can look at Docs on the website or run the command p!fun in your server.

Music [Docs]

Wanna be the party king? Well now you can! With just the simple command of p!play song link or title you can play a song of your choice in a voice channel. Felling tired of partying? Just run the command p!disconnect for the bot to leave you to rest.

Utility [Docs]

Need some helpful info like when the server was created? Look no further! You can look at Docs on the website or run the command p!util in your server.





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